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Main goal Raw Pets Diet is create nutritious products that pets will love and pet owners will trust.
We small hand made company with highest quality and the best cut of meat.

We are cat breeders with 20 years experience know how important to feed our pets the best quality meat.
And now we want to help every pet owner to get food as best as we can make.

Please allow us 8-10 business day to prepare.
If you want same day service please send us email and we will let you know if we can prepare it for you.

We require a 20 pound minimum for any order frozen products.
Any orders that do not meet this requirements will be canceled and subject to a 5% transaction fee.
Find out about promotions and discounts first!
Once a month we will send you information about our latest collections, discounts and promotions. We promise to be useful!
Main goal Raw Pets Diet is create nutritious products that pets will love and pet owners will trust.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I start feed my pet raw blends?
    Transitioning a pet from commercial or cooked diet to raw diet is not hard. Try buy small portion of our mix and see how your pet feels. Than you can buy bigger portin.
  • Goes my pet will have stomach upsets?
    Most owner complaining about stomach upsets after changing diet. Our mixes don’t have any preservatives, chemical supplements and synthetic ingredients and will be quick relief after switching to our mixes. Only first couple days you can see mucousy flim after feeding raw but its totally normal.
  • How long your products can be in the fridge?
    Our raw products can remain fresh in the freezer up 12 month. If its thawed can be used within 5-7 days.
  • Why my order takes 8-10 business days before being shipped or picked up?
    We are small homemade company and order ingredients weekly but depends on the count of order its take time to prepare. To make sure that enough time to prepare grind and mixes and freeze we take that amount of time.
  • What blends can i feed my pet?
    All raw blends are ready to use and have all needed ingredients for your pet. Just what your pet mostly like.
  • Can I return products?
    Raw Pets Diet guarantee the freshness and quality of our products. If there a problem of the products once opened please contact us by phone or email or use a contact form to discuss a refund or replacement. But we reserve the right to no longer sell to any customer who requests refunds.
  • What is a daily serving size for my pet?
    Usually, formula for calculating daily serving of food is 3% of body weight of your pet and split into two daily meals – morning and evening. Baby kitten or puppy have to eat twice amount compared to an adult.
  • Can you sell same day products?
    Yes, if we have availability
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